Sassi Fit was created for all the busy women out there
who need to take time for themselves.

At Sassi Fit we understand the physical and emotional demands that are placed on so many women because we are living through it too! We understand that as women you often put yourself last. We also understand the importance of putting yourself and your health first.

At Sassi Fit we recognise that traditional gym environments can be intimidating and unforgiving. We recognise that the pressures placed on mothers and how they should ‘look’, ‘behave’, or ‘prioritise’ are unrealistic and harmful. As mothers we understand that your body changes after having children and to expect women to ‘bounce back’ to their pre baby shape is often impossible. We also understand the importance of training safely during and post pregnancy.

We understand that each woman is unique and we deliver a service that supports each individuals needs. Whether you have pelvic floor instability or diastasis recti, whether you are yet to think about having children or your children are fully grown, we cater for you and your needs

More about Caroline Molloy - Founder/Head Coach

Hi! I’m Caroline, coach, business owner and busy mother of two gorgeous, energetic children. I created Sassi Fit with the goal of helping women and in particular, mothers, to help and inspire them to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

After going through postnatal depression and finding myself mentally exhausted, I decided to leave my teaching career and pursue my longtime passion for fitness.

Fitness is something I loved long before becoming a mother and has always made me feel strong, confident and happy. I found that putting myself first helped me to find the energy I needed to cope with the demands of being a new mum.

After seeing what is out there and available to new mothers in the way of fitness and training first hand, I know that we deserve more. We deserve classes that cater to our postpartum bodies, we deserve a training program that allows for the changing needs of a pregnancy, we deserve a training program that allows for our monthly cycle and changing hormones.

We deserve to train in an environment where it is safe to talk about our pelvic floor and learn how to strengthen these muscles just like we would any other muscle. We deserve to learn how to eat to fuel our body for the demanding lifestyles we lead and how to teach our children how to have a positive relationship with food. But we also deserve to feel confident, to feel good about our bodies and no longer feel pressured to ‘get our body back’ or get rid of our ‘mummy tummy’.

These pressures are unrealistic and harmful to women. My goal is to create a space where all women are confident and happy with their bodies and recognise what their bodies are capable of.

We are strong and amazing creatures and we deserve to feel as fabulous as we are.