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Sassi Fit is a Boutique Personal Training studio in Moonee Ponds. We use a combination of strength based training, cardio and flexibility to create a balanced program for you that is specifically designed to cater to your individual needs and goals.  As Personal Trainers we want you to succeed!  We have created a community of like minded members who motivate one another and support one another to reach their full potential.

At Sassi Fit we understand the expectations and pressures faced by women in today’s society.  We understand that every woman was created in their own unique mould. No two women are the same size shape or personality.  Every woman deserves to have a positive relationship with exercise and fitness. Sassi Fit is an inclusive fitness space. We cater for all women, whether you are a gym junkie who wants to change it up, a runner who wants to learn how to strength train, a mum who wants an hour to herself or you have never stepped foot in a gym before and you want us to help change your life. We cater for you.

At Sassi Fit we recognise that traditional gym environments can be intimidating and unforgiving. We recognise that the pressures placed on women and in particular mothers and how they should ‘look’, ‘behave’, or ‘prioritise’ are unrealistic and harmful. Sassi Fit is owned and run by a qualified Pre and Post Natal Trainer who is also a mother, we understand that your body changes after having children and to expect women to ‘bounce back’ to their pre baby shape is not always realistic nor should it be something to strive for.  We also understand the importance of training safely during and post pregnancy.

We understand that each woman is unique and we deliver a service that supports each individuals needs. Whether you are recovering from illness, have injuries or disabilities that are not catered to in the ordinary gym environment, you have pelvic floor instability or diastasis recti, whether you are yet to think about having children or your children are fully grown, we cater for you and your needs

Meet our coaches

Caroline Molloy | Founder | Head Coach | Pre & Post Natal Trainer | Teacher | Women's fitness Coach

Hi! I’m Caroline, coach, business owner and busy mother of two gorgeous, energetic children. I created Sassi Fit with the goal of building a squad of strong, empowered women who support one another through fun fitness.

As a mum and as a Pre and Post Natal Trainer I understand the pressures and demands faced by mothers today.  If I could remove one phrase from the world it would be ‘get my pre baby body back’. If you are a mum, your body has done an amazing thing.  Exercise and fitness should be there to support your health, and to help you feel better. Fitness should be enjoyable and social. You should look forward to your work out.  Not only because it makes you feel energised, happy and strong, but also because you have a group of women to spend time with while doing it.

After seeing what fitness and training options are out there and available to women, and to new mothers in particular, I know that we deserve more. We deserve classes that cater to our postpartum bodies, we deserve a training program that allows for the changing needs of a pregnancy, we deserve a training program that allows for our monthly cycle and changing hormones or for conditions some of us live with such as endometriosis, PCOS or recovery from injury or illness. 

We deserve to train in an environment where it is safe to talk about our pelvic floor and learn how to strengthen these muscles just like we would any other muscle. We deserve to be given a training program that allows for a weakened pelvic floor or abdominal separation and helps to resolve these issues and not make them worse through jumping, running and extreme pressure.  We deserve to learn how to eat to fuel our body for the demanding lifestyles we lead and how to teach our children to have a positive relationship with food. 

But we also deserve to feel confident, to feel good about our bodies and no longer feel pressured to ‘get our body back’ or get rid of our ‘mummy tummy’.

These pressures are unrealistic and harmful to women. My goal is to create a space where all women are confident and happy with their bodies and recognise what their bodies are capable of.  Women are not smaller versions of men. And our training should reflect that.

We are strong and amazing creatures and we deserve to feel as fabulous as we are.


I’m an eternal student currently studying sports science at the PhD level with a strong background in sport / exercise science and dance. I have always been highly active and fascinated by the body, so I love sharing my knowledge with others and helping them understand and get the best out of their bodies. I have experience teaching dance and have worked in elite sport across AFL, AFL Umpiring and hockey. I also teach Biomechanics at the tertiary level.

I am known to have excessive energy and can be found dancing up and down the studio encouraging clients to push for their best and listen to and appreciate their amazing bodies. My fitness sessions are full of laughter, sweat and smiles. I have a particular interest in strength work, range of motion, balance and body awareness, encouraging these elements even in standard exercises. My background in ballet shines through in my keen eye for technique and my stretchy Yoga Fit classes.

I deeply value working in and furthering the values of Sassi Fit in accepting and promoting all bodies. My experience in recovering from eating disorder meant I found many gym cultures distressing and often triggering with such intense focus on body size and weight, so to be part of a fitness studio that is breaking the mould and focusing on fitness without judgement is liberating. I look to amplify this message in all my interactions with clients – I want you to feel safe and excited to workout in an environment that supports and celebrates you, exactly as you are.

Our bodies change day to day, even hour to hour so I love the challenge of modifying individual programs and group fitness classes to fit where you are at in any given moment. No matter your energy level, current injury or ongoing condition or illness, I want to see you leave feeling satisfied you got the workout you came for and feel confident that you can work through it with a qualified and understanding trainer.

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