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Exercising While Pregnant

Exercising when pregnant

Did you know that it is totally safe to exercise during pregnancy, in fact it is recommended that you exercise and move your body throughout your pregnancy.  What about if you are struggling with your fertility? Or you have common conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, high or low blood pressure, depression, anxiety, the list can go on and on; the answer is YES, but it is recommended that you are training with an experienced and qualified Personal Trainer.

Exercising when pregnant is not only beneficial but recommended! Exercising while pregnant can decrease your chances of some pregnancy complications by 40% Here is a link to a workout with one of our PTs, Jade, demonstrating some common exercises during pregnancy, please always seek guidance before trying these alone.

The beauty of training at Sassi Fit is that you have a Personal Trainer who is qualified and experienced in training pre and post natal clients. It is important to only do exercises that are tailored for you and to do what your body can handle, and please do not forget you pelvic floor! If you are trying to conceive or are pregnant, definitely chat to us so we can create you a program that is going to work with you to ensure you and your bub are healthy throughout. For those mums that are about ready to get back into training after the arrival of bub, please, please make sure your PT is qualified and knows what your bodies should and should not be doing in the early stages. Sassi Fit is owned and operated by a qualified pre and post natal trainer who can guide you safely through your pregnancy and beyond.

On of our most popular group fitness classes is the BodFit + Bubs, this is a class that is low impact, focusing on pelvic floor, core, and full body strength and conditioning, that is bub friendly (up to 5yr old).  This is a great class to meet other mums or soon to be mums in the community and get your sweat on in a safe, non-judgemental environment.  Click here to check out our timetable and get in touch if you are ready to make fitness a focus in your life.

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