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Training with a tribe can increase your motivation.

What is Semi Private Personal Training?

Small group training has evolved over the years. Depending on who is running it, it can actually mean a couple of different things.

It is important to note that if everyone in the group is completing the same workout, this is considered to be a group training session and should not be considered ‘Personal Training’. Yes in a smaller group, you will receive more personalised attention – Bonus! But Personal Training is personalised to your needs and goals.

Semi Private Personal Training is when you are working on your own personalised program that differs from the others in the group. It aims to support your needs, muscle imbalances and goals.

So why the group? The best thing about group training is first and foremost, camaraderie. Never underestimate the power of a training buddy or 3! I have spent my entire adult life in gyms and trained on my own and with others. Hands down, I would choose to train alongside someone than on my own.

Anecdotal evidence aside, it has been scientifically proven that when people train with others, they stay motivated for longer, they train harder due not to competitiveness like was once thought, but due to the support from those training with them. These studies have shown that people training with a companion are more likely to continue with their exercise long term, but also are more likely to exercise more often.

I have not only witnessed that in my own training over the years, but I witness it on a daily basis in my gym and amongst my clients. When I was training clients one on one, I saw them work harder when they were in a group setting at bootcamp. I saw them cheer each other on and push themselves that bit more when the rest of the group cheered for them. It is truly amazing what human beings are able to do for one another when in a group.

For this reason, group training is vastly superior to training alone. Brene Browne said it best when she said “Connection is why we’re here. it is what gives meaning and purpose to our lives”.

This statement is important now more than ever. Exercise should not be about sculpted bodies and restricted diets. It should be about community, connection and enjoyment. Because we do not have enough of that in our busy, chaotic and stressful lives.

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