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Working Out with Kids

Working out with Kids

Exercise can be a great time out for anyone. As a parent it can be a great way to unwind and take some time for yourself. But how do you exercise when you have kids around?

Top Tip

Remember, these workouts are intended as fun family fitness.  Don’t worry if not everybody is doing something correctly. Just play together and enjoy the time that you have to make fitness part of your everyday family activities.

Read below for some fun, family workout ideas that we have tried, tested and loved!

Swiss Ball Workout

As a busy parent I can understand how difficult it can be to get time to exercise when you have children wanting something from you all day.  Below are a couple of workouts you can get in WITH your kids. That way everyone gets their needs met. Parents can get their daily workout in and kids get to play.  And to top it off everyone gets to spend some quality time together.

15 min Swiss Ball Challenge

Warm up 5 mins – Swiss Ball Tiggy: Using a swiss ball roll it on the ground and try to tag another player.  If you get tagged, you are it. Keep playing until everyone has had a go.

Strength 5 mins  – Lay on the swiss ball and raise your arms and legs.  Compete to see who can balance for the longest. Activate your abs and glutes to work these muscles.

Parents can also use this time to perform reps of sit ups, roll outs, hamstring raises while children have fun balancing.

Cardio 5 mins – Swiss Ball Relay: Line up at two ends of the backyard/room.  Take it in turns to run the swiss ball to the other end and give it to the next player. Then they run it back and so on.

Family Games

Toilet Tiggy – The kids love this one and it gives adults a great leg workout.  The game is played like any regular game of tag, but when you have been tagged you must sit in a squat position with your arm up.  Then another player can come and ‘press the flush’ (your arm) and you are free to run around again.

Animal Relay Race – I find that kids love any games that involve animals.  Find a space where you can race, up one length and then back the other. For example the length of the backyard and back.  Race each other using a variety of animal walks. Start with a bear crawl going up the length of the backyard. Come back as a crab walk.  Other variations can include; frog jumps, inchworms, kangaroo jump. Use your imagination and see what else you can come up with!

Family Yoga

Yoga is another great workout to include the whole family in.  Many of the poses can be done while holding a baby or small child.  Planking with a child laying on your back can add a whole new challenge plus it can be a lot of fun.  If you’re not sure where to start with yoga, there are many videos on YouTube that you can follow along with.  It’s a great way to get the kids to calm down and relax and a good way to introduce some meditation and mindfulness into their busy little lives.

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